Saturday, November 10, 2012

More decorating with wallpaper

Here are a few spaces where I have used wallpaper for my design projects.

This paper has fibers that softly coat the paper giving a cloud like effect.  This room is going to be a retreat for our client to come  to meditate, read and relax.  This wallpaper creates just the perfect setting.

This elegant master bath is in an ocean front condo.  We wanted to give a nod to the beach without being obvious.  This wallpaper has stripes in a texture that not only has a feeling of waves but is also done in a grainy texture like sand.  The soft seaglass color is another tie in to the ocean just beyond the door.

I have posted this before but this gives me another opportunity  to show the drama of a wallpaper with a dark back ground.  This is a powderroom with no windows.  Does it make it dark? Yes, but because the rest of the room is white and we have lots of lighting that does not create a problem.  I love how the wallpaper highlights the orchid painted on the sink.  The bamboo waterfall faucet and custom Asian lattic vanity all work together beautifully. 
Not shown in this photo is the mini patterned wallpaper on the ceiling! Ceilings are the forgotten wall.  Wallpaper on ceiling is fabulous.  It think it might be another posting!

We wanted a little bit of an old world feeling in this tiny powder room so we chose this paper that looks just like a tapestry. It was amazing to see it in such a small space. It totally transformed the room.

This wallpaper inspired a whole bathroom.  We found glass vessel sinks painted with goldfish, bamboo accent tile,  green faux grasscloth wallpaper for the ceiling and much more.


The inspiration for this bathroom was the red bowl that has a leopard on it (which is not visible because of the reflection).  The wallpaper has a leopard stripe running through it surrounded by red flowers.  Again, a dark background and this time with a dark vanity but still it does not close the room in.  It is very dramatic.
How do you feel about using wallpaper with a dark background in a small space?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Decorating with wallpaper

I love wallpaper.  It can be a focal point.  It can accentuate a design motif. It can warm up a space. It can add drama. It can disguise flaws. It can be more that you could ever imagine.

Here is just one example I saw today at DBG, a design showroom in Jupiter, Florida. This paper is from the new collection by Thibaut.  It comes in several colorways.  I have always loved grasscloth and printed grasscloth is even more lovely.  The grasscloth adds the dimension of texture.  It instantly adds another layer and another element.

How do you like it? Where would you use it? 

The palm trees are in gold metalic. The grasscloth is a deep taupe.  This was on the wall as you enter the showroom and stopped me in my tracks.  I can't wait to find a place to decorate with this paper!

I hope to share more wallpaper designs and discoveries in the future.
 How do you like to decorate with wallpaper?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trellis patterns pop up on ceramic tile

Recently I have been pinning (on Pinterest that is) about Treilage which to me means patterns like those found on a trellis.  But these days those patterns can be in many designs.  So I was fascinated when I saw Treilage in a new place....on tile!

I just love these ceramic tiles with the geometric patterns.  They come in several beautiful colors.  What a fabulous way to add another dimension to a tile wall.

Combining a rich color, reflective surface, and an intricate pattern, this tile really
makes a bold statement.

Having recently begun research on a new bathroom project I have visited several tile showrooms.  The new products I have been discovering are incredible. 
I will be posting soon on some of the other wonderful new look of tile.  What is your favorite way to use this delightful pattern I call Treilage?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trellis, Ivy and Candlelight, a Delightful Privacy Screen

I have been thinking of creative ways to screen an exterior unsightly view.  There are many ways to accomplish this but some would block the light and close in the space.

The other day I came upon such a beautiful solution.  I just had to take a picture.

It may be hard to see but there is a trellis of sorts that hold candles and the vines in the planter climb the trellis.  I saw this at night and the candles gave such a soft glow to the seating area below.  The ivy screened the street and gave privacy to the space as well.

I am going to be on the hunt for more creative ways to deal with unappealing views.

I would love to hear how you may have dealt with similar situations.

Please post your comment below, email me or post a comment on Facebook.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating a focal point ....with Sunburst Mirrors

I am in the process of collecting sunburst mirrors for my new decorating project at home, a wall of sunburst mirrors.  My inspiration came from a wall I saw at Fig, a restaurant in Santa Monica. (See an earlier post.)   I see the finished result in my mind but it will be a work in process for a while and I don't want to have a wall incomplete so I have a plan.

Part of the fun of doing a project like this is The Hunt.  My idea is to scout local antique shops and consignment and thrift stores and begin collecting.  My criteria
l. I must love it.
2. It must be appropriate to my theme.
3. It would be nice if were under $100.

So far I am doing well.  I did actually buy 2 on line from Joss and Main and
 One Kings Lane, but I was able to stay in my price range.  I also found a great little mirror at a consignment shop and snagged it for $10!

Here is my dilema.  I have hung each of these in various rooms as a temporary home until I acquire enough to make my statement wall in my living room but my fear is that I will be so attached to seeing them in their current place that I will miss them terribly when I relocate them to the living room.  Oh dear!  Of course it did occur to me that I will then simply need to find more sunburst mirrors.  I guess there are worse problems to have, right?

Anyone have an idea of where to find a great sunburst mirror at a great price?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Entertainment Center.......What to do with a new flat screen TV

This light wood unit is a modern translation of the old style wall unit. It still offers storage but also allows the flat screen to be mounted on a back panel and float in the center.

This is the older version of the unit above.  Although there is a large flatscreen the whole image still looks a little dated.
Today's wall unit is more like an entertainment center that houses a tv as well as audio equipment.  Gone is the big bulky cabinetry that had to contain big boxy TVs.  Today's televisions are sleek and flat and BIG!

Contemporary TV units like these really create a beautiful focal point.

Sometimes I find myself needing to help a client retro fit their old style wall unit to accommodate a new flat screen.  But in this case our client had purchased a 65" TV and wanted us to create a beautiful unit to surround it.  She loves columns and mirrors. She wanted a creamy color to blend with her other furnishings. 

This entertainment center is in the formal living room which also includes a dramatic ocean view.  This was a challenge but the result worked beautifully.

What kinds of challenges have you encountered with flat screen TVs?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Designer Resources........Mecox Gardens in LA

On my recent trip to California I visited several wonderful design showrooms in LA.  I was guided there by Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen.  Today I want to share with you, Mecox Gardens. This was a wonderful place to be inspired.  Everywhere I looked there I saw beautiful furniture and accessories. 

What caught  my eye were several pieces of furniture that were wrapped with another material.

This is a bookcase that is uphostered in linen and accented with nailheads...lots of them!
  I think this is a brilliant idea.  While it might be labor intensive, upholstering all or part of any old piece of furniture will give it a totally new look and feel.  It could be professionally done or you could try it yourself, but I would start with a small project, like a box or trunk before tackling your old breakfront!

Another great look is this wrapped table.  A bit of cord or rope and an old table take on a whole new personality. 

This too would be labor intensive but adding texture and a twist can be very effective and refreshing.
So if you are thinking of refinishing, painting or faux finishing here is a new idea, try recovering.  Not only does it add a new dimension to your piece of furniture but a very interesting way to recycle old fabrics and more.

Mecox Gardens is so much more than these photos can show. They have showrooms all over the country. I was excited to find out they have one right up the road in West Palm Beach, FL on Antiques Row. Lucky me. Check out their website too.

Does this inspire you to recover something old?  I would love to know and my readers would too.  Have you ever tried it yourself?  How did it turn out?  I wonder if
 Design Sponge has tips on this kind of project.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunburst Mirrors Make Me Smile

Lately I have become drawn to sunburst mirrors.  I spot them all over.   Recently I saw a very dramatic way to use them in a group of 3 bright gold on a cobalt blue wall.  Wow what impact.

I walked around the corner in Big Daddy's Antiques and these mirrors really wowed me.
What an impact these mirrors make when used in a set of 3.  The wall color just make it even more dramatic.
Next I found a whole wall of sunburst mirrors at Fig, a restaurant in Santa Monica. 
This wall is just as dramatic but in a different way.  The height of the ceiling and the fact that the mirrors go all the way up is very eye catching.  I love the mix of so many different styles of sunburst mirrors.
When you have a collection, no matter if it is figurines or mirrors the best way to maximize the effect and make a statement is to group them all together.  If these mirrors were displayed on various walls throughout the restaurant I might not even have notcied them all. But this way you can't walk by without going...Wow! 

I am now inspired to create my own wall. I recently purchased one very pretty mirror on One Kings Lane.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I am looking forward to going on mirror hunts at my favorite consignment and antique shoppes.  When I have a few I will crate my own wall of sunbursts and then I can add to it over time.

One Kings Lane is a really great website not to mention a fun way to shop.  You have to act quick but it has so many different items you never see the same thing twice.  Prices are great too.

Here are just a few sunburst mirrors I found on Google Image.  I cannot pick a favorite.  So what does one do when you can't decide?  Create a collection and group them together of course.  Can you pick just one?

Sunburst mirrors can be contemporary or classic.  They work anywhere and in any style.  And they always make me smile.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Daddy's Antiques ....A repurposing haven

One of the most exciting things I saw at Big Daddy's Antiques were objects that were once something else in another life being repurposed...or recycled as a part of something new.  It was almost like an artist's studio the way they put together lighting fixtures, accessories, tables, doors and shelves.  I did not notice it at first but when I tried to figure out the original purpose of what I was seeing I began to figure out that it was a combination in very new and different ways.  Sometimes it was a different use for something old.  There was nothing subtle, however, about this wall of candle sconces.

The dramatic effect of this wall of candles was stunning.  Can't you see this on a wall of a patio or courtyard? What about on an old ugly fence or even by an entrance way? What a great way to repurpose old metal drawers.

Another great use for old drawers or boxes is to mount them on a wall in a similar fashion but to use them as curio shelves or to stack them as a wall display.  I can visualize the inside painted in different colors to create a work of art....really the possibilities are endless.  How would you repurpose these boxes?

At another showroom in LA called Mecox Garden I spotted a mirror that made me think of another idea for an old box or drawer.

Another repurposing opportunity,  in addition to chandeliers, to which I referred in my earlier post, is lamps.
There are countless ways to turn something into a lamp and it woudl be fun to explore that a bit more.  At Big Daddy's this is one thing that was very effective....a globe lamp.  Now that I think of it it is also very have a globe that you can hardly read and viola you turn on the lamp and you have the world right there! 

Let me ask you, is there anything that can't be turned into a lamp? 

California Designer Resources....Big Daddy's Antiques

On my recent trip to California I went on what I call and inspiration treasure hunt.  My first stop was Big Daddy's Antiques in LA. I first heard of it on one of the blogs I follow .  Designer/blogger Brooke Giannetti and her husband Steve were doing a book signing there.  I could see where their Patina Style was right in line with Big Daddy's Antiques. 


Big Daddy's is a warehouse chock full of treasures.  I would call their look Industrial Chic.  It was fascinating and inspiring.  I loved the collection of stools that must have come from old factories.  The tables had bases that had been industrial equipment with new tops.  The light fixtures were amazing.  They feature the Edison bulb.

Doors were everywhere.  Some were  French doors, with wrought iron, layered with paint and weathered by time.  Others had missing panels. Some were tall and statuesque.  I have seen antique doors used to enhance interiors in so many ways.  Of course just switching out new doors for old ones is a big statement.  Doors make great paneling or screens. You can hang art, mirrors and whatever else you like to hang on them.  Door panels can be fabulouse headboards or table tops or simply hung on the wall as a piece of art.  Just seeing the doors at Big Daddy's makes my head spin with ideas.

Big Daddy's was a bit overwhelming.  There were inspirations and treasures everywhere I looked even outside.  I am wondering where you might go on your treasure hunts.