Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to "Go Green" on Earth Day

                    Happy Earth Day!

There are so many wonderful ways we can be mindful of our environment.  Not only can we recycle and find ways to save energy at home but as savvy consumers we can take care when designing or remodeling our homes as well.

Here is an email I got from a local flooring showroom, Foundation Floors, about the latest and most popular "green" flooring solutions.  Thanks, Matt for keeping us ever mindful of ways we can go green in our homes.

 Hi Marsha, 

Wanting to go “green” with your flooring?  Here are some old favorites and new trends that are big this year in green flooring, adding both comfort and eco-friendliness to your home’s design. Eco-flooring trends allow homeowners to protect the health of their loved ones while protecting the environment at the same time—it’s a win-win!

  • Bamboo — an eco-friendly classic that is still favored by many homeowners.
  • Cork — is hypo allergenic and has anti-microbial attributes, making it the perfect choice for homes with people with allergies and a material that contributes to cleaner air space.
  • Marmoleum — a material that contains linseed oil, with backing is made from wood flour combined with jute. This combination creates a 97% natural product, in which 67% of the content is vegetable and rapid renewable.
  • GreenStone — a product which incorporates recycled glass in its concrete material and has the ability to aesthetically resemble timber flooring.

Best Regards,

Matt Jorgensen
Foundation Flooring

In what ways are you "going green" in your home?  How does "going green" effect your decorating decisions?
As always I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment box.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Decorating!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Taking the Upstairs Tour of the 2014 American Red Cross Show House

 As promised I am continuing the tour of this fabulous Red Cross Show House in Palm Beach Florida.  Upstairs each of the bedrooms took on a different character as the designers interpreted the space.
The master bedroom by Melissa Z. Guerra and Noe Guerra of NXG Studio is dramatic with the brightly colored walls and black accents.
There was so much detail to see like the buttons at the top of the drapery panels.
This guest bedroom had lots of personality.
The eclectic blend of styles added to the mix.
These paintings were perfect in this room with such a bold pallet.
The guest room above, by Piper Gonzalez, was all about color and personality.  Using strong contrasting color may not be for everyone but it can be very effective.

Scott Robertson created this guest retreat/sitting room with a more traditional style and color scheme. The striped walls are actually hand painted.
Over sized nail heads gave the daybed a nice accent.

Designer Frank Maguire was not afraid to use color and pattern in this guest bath.
Using a strong pattern like the flame stitch, especially in a large scale, with bright colors in a small space is daring but works well in this bathroom. It might be overpowering for some.  What do you think?

The master bath was traditional and elegant.
The classic use of white cabinetry with black counter tops makes this master bath more dramatic. Introducing a floral wallpaper softens the feeling.

The powder room designed by Melody Smith.
There was even a play house for the children. How charming is that?

This is the outdoor lounge for the "grown ups".  (Both these fun spaces were created by William Bainbridge Steele.)
Perhaps one of my favorite spaces is the outdoor living room.  It was great mix of different styles and pale neutrals punched up by pops of color.  It has such an air of romance.  Outdoor rooms are wonderful spaces.
How would you create your outdoor space?

That about wraps up our tour.  It is fun to look back at all the beautiful images.  There was inspiration everywhere.  So much goes into creating a showcase house.  I really appreciate all the hard work and talent of all the designers.  I enjoyed sharing it all with you.

Which room did you like the most?  What ideas would you like to incorporated into your own home?
As always I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment box.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Decorating ! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Decorating Inspirations from the 2014 American Red Cross Designer Show House

In previous posts our tour of the American Red Cross Show House described inspiration and design tips from the dining room and living room but there was a lot more to discover.

The study was a light filled room that could not be more welcoming.

This beautiful arched window was the perfect focal point.

Orchids hanging in the window flourished.
The design was filled with layers and details like the contrasting welt on the sofa.
The wainscot molding was placed higher than you might think in this room with average height ceilings.
Placing a comfy chair and ottoman near a window is the best spot to curl up with a good book (or decorating magazine).
The designer, Stephan Mooney, took his inspiration from this fabulous fabric.
Even though it was a large room it had many intimate spaces.  Notice how a small painting hangs on the paneling.  
Another way to add detail is to trim the skirt of a sofa or chair.
A mix of many patterned pillows keeps the study from looking "decorated".
A favorite feature of this house were the little doorways that beckoned.  Look at the arched transom above the door. This hallway lead to a bathroom and a den beyond.

The den, formerly a sun room, was a departure from the adjacent study.  It had lots of personality. The striped carpet was a wonderful surprise and the mid century game chairs were delightful as was the whole room.

The arched windows of the study were echoed on the screened loggia.

A screened porch becomes a delightful living space when comfortable furniture, airy sheers, an area rug and pretty lighting are introduced.

Looking up I spotted handpainted pecky cypress ceilings that were original to the house.

These ceilings added so much to the charm and character of this 1920's home.

Around the corner was the best surprise, a suspended sleeping swing.
There were so many places to get inspiration from in this amazing house.  I loved the "undecorated" feeling of the study, the eclectic mix of mid century and modern in the den and the relaxed casual elegance of the loggia.

Where did you find inspiration?  What did you love best about these rooms?  Would you like to see bedrooms the upstairs?  Stay tuned......

As always I invite you to share your experiences and inspirations in the space provided for comments.
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Happy Decorating!

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