Saturday, March 17, 2012

Entertainment Center.......What to do with a new flat screen TV

This light wood unit is a modern translation of the old style wall unit. It still offers storage but also allows the flat screen to be mounted on a back panel and float in the center.

This is the older version of the unit above.  Although there is a large flatscreen the whole image still looks a little dated.
Today's wall unit is more like an entertainment center that houses a tv as well as audio equipment.  Gone is the big bulky cabinetry that had to contain big boxy TVs.  Today's televisions are sleek and flat and BIG!

Contemporary TV units like these really create a beautiful focal point.

Sometimes I find myself needing to help a client retro fit their old style wall unit to accommodate a new flat screen.  But in this case our client had purchased a 65" TV and wanted us to create a beautiful unit to surround it.  She loves columns and mirrors. She wanted a creamy color to blend with her other furnishings. 

This entertainment center is in the formal living room which also includes a dramatic ocean view.  This was a challenge but the result worked beautifully.

What kinds of challenges have you encountered with flat screen TVs?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Designer Resources........Mecox Gardens in LA

On my recent trip to California I visited several wonderful design showrooms in LA.  I was guided there by Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen.  Today I want to share with you, Mecox Gardens. This was a wonderful place to be inspired.  Everywhere I looked there I saw beautiful furniture and accessories. 

What caught  my eye were several pieces of furniture that were wrapped with another material.

This is a bookcase that is uphostered in linen and accented with nailheads...lots of them!
  I think this is a brilliant idea.  While it might be labor intensive, upholstering all or part of any old piece of furniture will give it a totally new look and feel.  It could be professionally done or you could try it yourself, but I would start with a small project, like a box or trunk before tackling your old breakfront!

Another great look is this wrapped table.  A bit of cord or rope and an old table take on a whole new personality. 

This too would be labor intensive but adding texture and a twist can be very effective and refreshing.
So if you are thinking of refinishing, painting or faux finishing here is a new idea, try recovering.  Not only does it add a new dimension to your piece of furniture but a very interesting way to recycle old fabrics and more.

Mecox Gardens is so much more than these photos can show. They have showrooms all over the country. I was excited to find out they have one right up the road in West Palm Beach, FL on Antiques Row. Lucky me. Check out their website too.

Does this inspire you to recover something old?  I would love to know and my readers would too.  Have you ever tried it yourself?  How did it turn out?  I wonder if
 Design Sponge has tips on this kind of project.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunburst Mirrors Make Me Smile

Lately I have become drawn to sunburst mirrors.  I spot them all over.   Recently I saw a very dramatic way to use them in a group of 3 bright gold on a cobalt blue wall.  Wow what impact.

I walked around the corner in Big Daddy's Antiques and these mirrors really wowed me.
What an impact these mirrors make when used in a set of 3.  The wall color just make it even more dramatic.
Next I found a whole wall of sunburst mirrors at Fig, a restaurant in Santa Monica. 
This wall is just as dramatic but in a different way.  The height of the ceiling and the fact that the mirrors go all the way up is very eye catching.  I love the mix of so many different styles of sunburst mirrors.
When you have a collection, no matter if it is figurines or mirrors the best way to maximize the effect and make a statement is to group them all together.  If these mirrors were displayed on various walls throughout the restaurant I might not even have notcied them all. But this way you can't walk by without going...Wow! 

I am now inspired to create my own wall. I recently purchased one very pretty mirror on One Kings Lane.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I am looking forward to going on mirror hunts at my favorite consignment and antique shoppes.  When I have a few I will crate my own wall of sunbursts and then I can add to it over time.

One Kings Lane is a really great website not to mention a fun way to shop.  You have to act quick but it has so many different items you never see the same thing twice.  Prices are great too.

Here are just a few sunburst mirrors I found on Google Image.  I cannot pick a favorite.  So what does one do when you can't decide?  Create a collection and group them together of course.  Can you pick just one?

Sunburst mirrors can be contemporary or classic.  They work anywhere and in any style.  And they always make me smile.