Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garden Pottery and Beyond

For some reason I have had a longtime fascination for large blue pots filled with brightly blooming plants, so I almost drove off the road the other day when I spotted this field of pottery just calling my name.  I had stumbled upon  Exotic Furniture and Pottery !

There were pots in all sizes, shapes and colors.
And yes there were lots of goreous blue ones too!
These French pots are my favorite.
What a beautiful rich color.  It went home with me!

What a lovely way to welcome guests.

The lighter turquiose pots caught my eye as well.

But it was still the blue pots that drew me in.
This blue fish was pretty eye catching as well.

There were all kinds of wonderful things to be found both outside and in the shop as well.

A colorful turtle is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to any garden spot.
Don't forget to decorate the walls or fences in your garden space.  
Hang this inside your home and turn outdoor rustic into indoor chic.
A handpainted sink will brighten any bathroom.  These remind me of a sundrenched field of sunflowers.

There was color everywhere I looked.  Pots like these will cheer up any place you put them.
What do you put in a colorful but busy container?  Stick with one color that is the same as on the pot!

There were also interesting architectural elements, equally effective in a garden on purched on a shelf in a bookcase.

Blue color theme coordination of pots container garden, with statue head and birdbath in small walled garden, mostly annual flowers and plants, marigolds, begonias, dusty miller, celosia
These blue pots draw my attention to the plants and set them off from the rest of the charming garden.  Here is a great example of introducing an architectural or sculptural touch to add more interest and a focal point.
(Photo courtest of
Not just for a more traditional setting blue pots can work beautifully to set off any plant like these succulents in a more transitional garden.

I was not sure what this is but it intrigued me.  Using old odd elements in a garden can give it a sense of time and personality.
Inside this funky little shop were more quirky things like this froggy mariachi band.  How is that for personality?
What a pretty handpainted tile placque.  Where would you put this, on a wall outside, over your stove or somewhere else?
These handcrafted pillow covers and table cloths could work well in contemporary or traditional settings.  Could you see them in a Bohemian style? Carribean Island style? African or global style?  Now that I see them again I might have to go back and get one myself. 
Everywhere I looked there was something fun to see.

Look up and there were lanterns, pretty inside or outside hanging from a tree or porch with candles glowing through the glass.

Just the perfect touch with candles or filled with flowers.

Pure romance.
What started out as a quest for blue pots for my garden became a mini inspirational adventure.  My friend and I loaded up her car with our blue pots with big grins on our faces, delighted with our finds and vowing to visit their other location that is even bigger! 

My next adventure will be to the local Green Market to find the perfect plants for my pretty blue pots.  I am thinking geraniums.  What would you like to plant in them if they were yours?  

One of my brilliant blue pots....what's next?
My upcoming project is giving my front porch a mini makeover and guess what I am going to use?

How do you like to decorate your garden or patio?  Do you like colorful pots and flowers?  Where do you like to shop for the prettiest containers?  What inspirational adventures have you found yourself on lately?

As always I invite you to share your inspirations and experiences in the comment box.  I look forward to hearing from you.

                 Happy Decorating!

(Any photos that are not from my picture file are courtesy of Google Images)

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