Sunday, October 5, 2014

Decorating with the French Flair of Provence

There is something a bit romantic about French interiors. Whether you are drawn to the mystique of Paris or the charm of the French countryside of Provence, decorating with a French influence is always in style.
I recently discovered a darling shop in Lake Worth called Beresford Manor. It got me to thinking about adding a touch of French Country to my next decorating project. 

From the outside I had no idea what I would find inside.

Are we in a little French cafe?

I was thrilled to find these pretty Provincial prints.  

The patterns and colors in these textiles are typical of what you find in Provence, mini prints combined with stripes.

You can even find these Provincial patterns on tableware.

Table cloths like these instantly bring a French flair to any table setting.

Brightly colored handpainted dishtowels with French scenes hung from the ceiling.  Wouldn't they be great to frame and hang in your dining room or kitchen?  What a cost effective way to add a touch of French style.

The owner of the store turned his photographs of travels in France into large posters!

There was a display of trays on a wall that gave me an idea.  Why not hang a collection of trays for a different kind of wall grouping? 

This delightful tray would also make the perfect gift for my favorite gardeners.

I am taken with the blue shutters that you see all over France, but the kitty on a balcony is pretty sweet too.

What could be a more heavenly reminder of Provence than French lavender?  You can use it as a room scent in oil or a candle.  A bouquet of dried lavender in a bedroom adds to a feeling of calm and sachets filled with lavender make any drawer smell sweet.  Culinary lavender is edible!

These dish towels are too pretty to use!

I loved this linen wine label towel too.

The bookshelves were stocked with books about French Country Design.

What a fun way to add color and comfort under foot with this little rug.  This would be great in front of my sink!

This little shop was a delight.  As I wandered along there were lovely surprises everywhere I looked.
It really sparked my interested in adding a bit of Provence to my own home.  I even bought a table cloth.

Sometimes inspiration can be found in unsuspected places like a local shop you pass by all the time but never venture inside.  What unusual places do you find inspiration?  What little shop have you been longing to explore? You don't need to have a whole house of Country French to introduce the bright colors and charming prints of Provence.  What about creating a a bit of Provence on your balcony like the ones you see in Paris?

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

As always I invite you to share your own experiences and ideas in the comment box below.  

Happy Decorating!

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