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Interior Designers find inspiration on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach

One of my favorite places to find inspiration is along Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.   It has been a world famous shopping mecca for many years.  For me it's as much for the charm and history as it is the fabulous shops.

A vintage postcard depicts life on Worth Avenue in the 1940s 

Today's Worth Avenue is conspicuously the same and that is part of it's appeal.

The  Addison Mizner style architecture is prevalant all over South Florida.

You can see the influences of Spanish and Moorish styles.  Here is one place living over a store is tempting.

Along the avenue you will find intriguing passages called vias.  Who could resist venturing down this one?
Colorful awnings are abundant up and down the avenue, adding to a delightful atmosphere. (They also make it easier to locate your favorite shop.)
This via leads to a beautiful courtyard.  Don't you want to see what lies beyond?
The vias have names just like streets.  

You may get a close up view of the historic buildings.
This hidden staircase with colorful tile on the risers gives me inspiration for a design project.
Some courtyards have intimate....and sometimes famous...restaurants.  Blue umbrellas add a splash of color and peak my interest.
Taboo has been a landmark on Worth Avenue forever.
An orchid shop is tucked away in this courtyard.

Could this bouganvilla blossom be called Radiant Orchid, the color of the year?
How is that for a brilliant color scheme?

Worth Avenue is well known for it's wealth of resources, like this antique shop.

Interior Designers like William Eubanks also have locations along the avenue.

Crisp blue and white is a classic color scheme found in the seaside residences of Palm Beach. (Island Home)
Intricate inlaid boxes can be a lovely addition to a cocktail table (To hide those remotes!), on a desk to conseal clutter or anywhere you might like to put them.

Linen wrapped tables accented with nailhead trim seem to be the latest thing, though maybe a bit of throw back to the 70s?
Can you guess what store window this is?  The creativity is astounding.  It's an inspiration for a room done in white canvas and black laquer!
Or maybe you would like a dash of citron to add to that color scheme.
Still not sure whose window this is?
Chanel!  Did you guess it? 

What a wonderful resource for vintage lighting (and more).

This via gives me an idea for a ceiling design.  Look how the glossy finish bounces the light and brightens the way enhancing the vintage chandeliers.
One window featured this stack of vintage suitcases which is another way to accent your decorating style for a "traveled" look.  My favorite is the one on the bottom because it is just like my mother's.  At the moment it is in my closet waiting for a new life as a table top or giant jewelry box.  For now it holds family memories.
No caption necessary for this!

Another favorite resource is Mackenzie-Childs.  It was so inspirational I wrote an entire post about it!
They are famous for their colorful pattern mixes and whimsical style.  Can you believe it is all handcrafted in a barn in upstate New York?

This creative floral arrangement and soft color pallet might inspire a lovely interior design for any room.  (Pascale Duwat Interiors) 

Whether  shopping or strolling down the avenue taking in the sights, inspiration is everywhere.
What a tranquil palm lined via with  interesting tile patterns to lead the way.
Chandeliers crafted from coral and sea shells are definitely a Palm Beach style.
Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to see, delighting my eyes and stimulating my designer's creativity.  Where do you like to find your inspiration?  What influences your decorating style?  Is there a special place or can you tap into it almost anywhere you go?

As always I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment box below.  Don't forget to click "publish".  (Your comment may come to me before it can be posted.)  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Decorating!

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