Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where do designers shop? Treasure hunting at Adam and Eve Salvage.

What could I possibly find for design projects at my favorite salvage yard, Adam and Eve's, in West Palm Beach, Florida?   I was dismayed to read that they would be closing at the end of this month.  Where would I find all those rustic treasures that inspire me to get creative?

Adam and Eve's has been around for years.  You can basically find anything you want...and lots that you don't know you even a place like Adam and Eve's.  Remnants from mansions in Palm Beach, hotels, churches, old buildings and more jammed their yard and their warehouses.

You can see that much of their inventory has already been depleted.  What is it about digging around in old stuff that gets me so excited? I thought you would enjoy exploring this fantastic place with me one more time before the gavel sounds on the auction block.  As I look back I wish I had loaded up my car with a few of these remnants of the past.

I love these intricate panels.  What could I do with them?  Could I mount them on a wall as art? Paint them bright colors?  Turn them into standing screens or a room divider?  What about paneling for a wall?  The small one would make a great door for a cabinet...I am sure I could find a mate to it in that pile somewhere.

Oh, this is very pretty.  Architectural fragments like this are wonderful on a shelf just as they are but what else could I do with this one?  I just thought, how about in the back splash over a stove or maybe as part of a fireplace surround?  I wonder where it came from.  Their stories fascinate me.

What do you think, parts of a balustrade or table legs for a stately console or dining table for a patio?  Maybe one could be an over scaled candlestick for giant pillar candles or a stand for a fabulous Boston fern?

I have to say I am a sucker for wrought iron.  This is the best place to find tons of it.  Here is one of my favorites. I did struggle with taking this sweet thing home. What would you do with it?  Hang it on a wall, turn it on it's side, create a trellis or turn it into a table top and put a piece of glass on it?

Perhaps you have an old fashioned tub that is missing a foot?  If you like the really rustic look,  put these on an ottoman for fun.  My favorite is the ball and claw foot with some of the white paint still on it.  Where did they come from?  Who took baths in those tubs?

Isn't the design on this railing lovely?  Of course this could be used  on a porch as a railing but could it be turned vertically and function as a poolside towel rack?

This iron fragment was undoubtedly part of a front porch but I keep thinking I could turn it sideways and place it above a window like a valance.  I could incorporate it into a cornice.  A pair could frame a doorway.
You have to either love the time worn (rusty) finish or be willing to use a bit of elbow grease to restore it, however.

Windows were everywhere.  I can picture the white ones with photos behind each pane.
Put a mirror behind  the arched window and hang it over a doorway or window to create a dramatic arched window or door effect.

I can't figure out why I love these screen doors so much.  Maybe it reminds me of my grandparents farm in Mississippi.  I keep thinking I could brush off the dust, freshen up the finish and use it in my bedroom to hang jewelry on. Would that work?  Should I go back and get it?

This patina of this scruffy door frame is wonderful.  A finish like this would cost a lot to replicate and is highly desirable in many decorating styles.  Would it work in your home?

French doors always seem to lend a certain charm where ever they are. I am thinking of replacing my old bifold louvered door on my pantry with this one.  Would it fit?  That reminds me to always bring measurements when shopping at a salvage yard.

I had hoped to find some pretty stately carved doors to use as a screen in the corner of my living room, but I did not find them.  If I wanted louvered doors or simple raised panel doors, there were tons.

Inside there were lots of old chandeliers and outside these lanterns caught my eye.

If these fixtures were left as they are, wouldn't they look striking hung on a fence with a candle glowing inside?

This was the only "statuary" I found and as adorable as they may be it wasn't quite what I hoped to find.  Outdoor figures are fun to place in unexpected spots in your garden or on a bookshelf or ledge inside too.

Inside their warehouses we found furniture, art, chandeliers and lots of parts....hardware,  crystals, frames, and more.  It has already been a week since our little field trip to Adam and Eve's but I am still thinking about it!

Do you like to poke around salvage yards?  What kind of treasures inspire you?  How do you like those time worn finishes?  I invite you to share your salvage yard tales as well as your own thoughts and ideas in the comment box below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

       Happy Decorating!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Decorating with Radiant Orchid, Pantone's Color of the Year

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2014 - Radiant Orchid 18-3224

                  Introducing Radiant Orchid, 

                 Pantone's Color of the Year!

Since 2000 The Pantone Color Institute has been selecting their Color of the Year.  So exactly what does that mean?  They seek out the color that they feel expresses in color what is taking place globally.  They choose a color they feel will resonate around the world, not just in fashion but one that crosses all areas of design.  It is an expression of the mood or attitude of consumers. It will influence product developement and purchasing decisions in home, fashion and industrial design.

The PCI team combs the world looking for future color influences, one that is building importance in the world of entertainment, film, art, travel destinations, lifestyles and even sporting events.  And so with the new year comes their choice for 2014, Radiant Orchid.

You can find a similar color in Benjamin Moore's Lilac Pink 2070-40

Pantone Unveils Radiant Orchid as Color of the Year for 2014

They describe it as enchanting, a color that encourages creativity and originality.  The rosy undertones emanate joy, love and health.  I think there are many interpretations of the color orchid, some more purple or violet.  Others more pink and softer.

Sherwin Williams comes very close with Drama Violet SW6978.

Pantone Unveils Radiant Orchid as Color of the Year for 2014
How do we incorporate this exciting hue into interior design?  How do you feel about Radiant Orchid?  Is it a color you would like to paint a room?

What a dramatic color statement!
     Maybe such a strong color is easier to use in smaller doses like in the artwork in this living room.

A painting with such powerful color needs to be balanced somehow in another area of the room, like in an area rug and maybe a vase of flowers or an orchid on the cocktail table. That will be easier to do now that orchid is the color of the year. 
 I have to say when I did my first search on line most of the images I found were in fashion, entertainment and  weddings.

Radiant Orchid

Wedding a la Radiant Orchid

I can see how this incredible color will be popular in all these places.  Even looking at some of the images above we can see how orchid can be used with blues, turquoise, lime green and even neutrals like taupe and beige.  These are color pallets we can use in interior design too.

Trend Watch 2014: Radiant Orchid
A softened orchid becomes a backsplash in a contemporary kitchen.

Radiant Orchid chairs
A deeper shade of orchid mixes well with orange and turquoise.

vintage and natural tints of lavender  #pantone #radiantorchid

Radiant Orchid Wedding Ideas

I find myself looking at images of flowers, still lifes, fashion, art or accessories and thinking, that's not just a bouquet, it's a color scheme.  Have you ever taken your inspiration for a color pallet for a room from something totally different?

             The colors in the images above translate nicely into the color scheme for this cozy corner.
Tableware #radiantorchid #radiantorchidweddings

Work some bright color into unexpected places
Did a stack of plates inspire this living room seating?
    Here are a few more inspiring images.  There really is no limit to where we can find color shemes
    for our home.
Radiant orchid mixed with jewel tones. #design #interior
Mixing red with orchid seemed to strong for me at first but it is a fun way to add an edgy twist.  The two colors play well off each other especially in a contemporary setting.
PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid decor

#pantone #radiantorchid
Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid
A colorful wedding cake and fabulous French macarons could inspire a color pallet for an interior, couldn't they?
Gorgeous mirrored vanity table!
Bright Color Palette.
Whether muted or bold these shades of orchid work well when surrounded by neutrals. Below a simple flower may be just the thing to influence the colors for an interior.

Radiant Orchid color ideas | Pantone 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid

awesome bathrooms | Purple Bathroom Design Ideas
Would you have the courage to use an orchid sink?  Come to think of it where would you even find a sink this color?  Is the photo of the lantern below just a photo?  Can I even think that any more after writing this post?
This is just one way the image above can inspire a bedroom like this one.
Even accessories like these beautiful glass vases could be the jumping off point.
Radiant Orchid and Tangerine
Love that chair and brave color combo
Maybe a vivid rug is where you might pull your colors from.
Dash & Albert tribal-inspired diamond design flatweave rug in a bold pink, purple and red colorway via Layla Grayce <3
It all has to begin somewhere.  Sometimes it can be from your own closet, art or fabric. 
"radiant orchid" by sanchez-gaby on Polyvore
 But really your inspiration just comes from opening your eyes and seeing what pleases you.  Then you figure out how you want to use your favorite colors in your decorating.  Do you want it on the larger surfaces like your walls?
Purple Haze Perini Wallpaper
Maybe you like it on your walls but not in such a grand statement.
Paisley Stencils | Bombay Paisley Motif Stencil | Royal Design Studio
Sometimes when I am dreaming up a color scheme and then start looking for fabrics or accessories etc to bring it to life, it is hard to find certain colors.  When the color you want to incoporate into your design happens to be the Pantene Color of the Year,  your treasure hunt becomes a whole lot easier!

Radiant Orchid Apothecary Table Lamp
To buy: Baby Anime Transparent Purple Kids Armchairs, $236.91 for a set of two at 55 Downing Street|12-11-13

Radiant Orchid vases. So pretty.       

Radiant Orchid embroidered pillowcases!

I hope after reading this post you may find that adding Pantene's Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid to your home is not as daunting as it might have sounded at first.  For me this has been an eye opener.  I can't wait to introduce this incredible color to my decorating pallet.  What do you think? 

As always I invite you to share your ideas and experiences in the comment box below.  I would enjoy hearing how you feel about Radiant Orchid.  Is it your color of the year?  

Happy Decorating!

(Portions of this post are taken from Pantone's website and images are courtesy of Pinterest. The Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color swatches are courtesy of a Houzz post by Jennifer Ott of Jennifer Ott Interior Design)

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