Saturday, February 18, 2012

California Designer Resources....Big Daddy's Antiques

On my recent trip to California I went on what I call and inspiration treasure hunt.  My first stop was Big Daddy's Antiques in LA. I first heard of it on one of the blogs I follow .  Designer/blogger Brooke Giannetti and her husband Steve were doing a book signing there.  I could see where their Patina Style was right in line with Big Daddy's Antiques. 


Big Daddy's is a warehouse chock full of treasures.  I would call their look Industrial Chic.  It was fascinating and inspiring.  I loved the collection of stools that must have come from old factories.  The tables had bases that had been industrial equipment with new tops.  The light fixtures were amazing.  They feature the Edison bulb.

Doors were everywhere.  Some were  French doors, with wrought iron, layered with paint and weathered by time.  Others had missing panels. Some were tall and statuesque.  I have seen antique doors used to enhance interiors in so many ways.  Of course just switching out new doors for old ones is a big statement.  Doors make great paneling or screens. You can hang art, mirrors and whatever else you like to hang on them.  Door panels can be fabulouse headboards or table tops or simply hung on the wall as a piece of art.  Just seeing the doors at Big Daddy's makes my head spin with ideas.

Big Daddy's was a bit overwhelming.  There were inspirations and treasures everywhere I looked even outside.  I am wondering where you might go on your treasure hunts.

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