Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trellis patterns pop up on ceramic tile

Recently I have been pinning (on Pinterest that is) about Treilage which to me means patterns like those found on a trellis.  But these days those patterns can be in many designs.  So I was fascinated when I saw Treilage in a new place....on tile!

I just love these ceramic tiles with the geometric patterns.  They come in several beautiful colors.  What a fabulous way to add another dimension to a tile wall.

Combining a rich color, reflective surface, and an intricate pattern, this tile really
makes a bold statement.

Having recently begun research on a new bathroom project I have visited several tile showrooms.  The new products I have been discovering are incredible. 
I will be posting soon on some of the other wonderful new look of tile.  What is your favorite way to use this delightful pattern I call Treilage?

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