Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

I'm looking forward to sharing interior decorating dreams and schemes with you. I hope to be a resource for design information and inspiration. I'd love to hear about your own adventures in interior decorating.

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  1. Dear Designista,

    I am in the process of updating the masterbath in my 12 year old house. I plan to have the cabinets refinished and to frame in the mirrors. There is one large window in the bathroom, which currently has 2" wood slat blinds. They are white and do nothing for the room. My husband and I are always at odds because I like light and he likes privacy. I was considering a plantation shutter since I could open up the top part of the shutter and leave the bottom closed. Do you have any other suggestions? The room really needs something to bring it all together and I am not sure the plantation shutter would do a thing to help that.

    Dazedandconfused in PBG