Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day in a Life of a Designer

Sometimes I think there is some mystique about what designers do so I thought I would share what my typical day might involve.

It began with sketching some design revisions for a custom vanity and faxing it to my client for her consideration. Then I faxed a proposal for furniture to another client for her approval. Next off I went to meet another client and my partner for our first scouting trip. Our new project is a powder room, marble floors and more. (Follow this project in future blog.)

We went to several showrooms and amazingly we found our inspiration. We were off to a great start.

After coffee and lunch at Dunkin Donuts...we ate in the car (this is a typical designer working lunch)....we frequently do not have time to for a leisurely meal.....too much to do and too little time. We stopped at the marble vendor and found several options....loaded them into my car...who needs a work out? We made our way to a wonderful new plumbing showroom and found just the perfect thing. It was almost like we were on HGTV. We were so lucky.

After dropping off my client and partner I returned to the office. I re-faxed the sketches and a floorplan. Made some phone calls and then went to a client's office to pick up a check to take to a showroom to place an order and schedule delivery. Of course there is always something.....my motto. One item the client wanted was on the floor at the showroom so I loaded it into my car to deliver it myself. SUV's do come in handy.

This was really a typical day. Designers run run run. We consult, discuss, research, shop, pick up, deliver, fax and phone. Sometimes we live in our cars. But we also create. We get to work with incredible fabrics, materials, furnishings and more. At the end of the day I am exhausted but very happy to be doing what I am doing and very grateful for the clients who hire me.


  1. This was enlightening! Amazing how much work is involved!

  2. You are the hardest working woman in the showroom business!