Monday, May 25, 2015

Maison & Objets Americas brings Paris to our backyard.

Did someone say Paris?  Yes, the acclaimed Maison & Objets Design Fair for the Interior Design trade set sail this month for it's debut in Miami .  Previously M & O was only held in Paris.  It was exciting to be able to get a taste of this incredible event right in my backyard.

Trussardi greeted us as we entered the exhibit hall.  This Italian Fashion House now has it's own furniture line called Trussardi Casa.

What's different about this sectional? I think it is the way the back cushions are made to look like toss pillows.

The creativity was dazzling and inspiring.  The light fixture  below is nothing more than a piece of parchment paper crinkled up by the hand of a talented Junior Fritz Jacquet who creases and molds sheets of paper and cardboard into stunning works of art all without the aid of cutting or pasting!

Look at what artist Corinne Campenio did with her art.  You have heard of "wearable art"? This art is "sittable".

The show was so full of amazing ideas it will take more than one post to share it all with you.
 Furniture was a big part of Maison & Objets. The vendors came from all over the world. It was a sort of mini world tour.  I was fascinated by the many fabulous chair designs so that is where we will start.

If this colorful chair reminds you of a carnival, maybe that's because it was crafted in South America by award winning Colombian designer Ramon Laserna!
It is made from string.

A furry little chair like this would add texture, softness and a bit of whimsy to any room.

It was interesting to see how many different type of materials could be used to fabricate a chair. This was not the only furry one.  A little chair like this would add texture, softness and a bit of whimsy to any room. How do you dress up a powder puff chair? Add crystal legs!

I think I remember lacing pieces of leather together when I was a Girl Scout.  What a creative way to design a chair.
In fact this could be done on an old chair frame as a way to recycle it.

Sleek, natural, and organic but elegant, this pair pleases the eye as well as the seat.

 The chairs below, looking a little like a Jeff Koons sculpture, seem to be in direct contrast to the one above, but they are equally as fascinating.  The Bibendum Chair by Toni Grilo combines engineering with design.

The Line Chair also designed by Toni Grilo for Rulic, the Portuguese contemporary furniture brand, is brilliant in gold.

Speaking of organic, this outdoor chair feels very earthy.  It would blend right into the scenery of any garden. Opiary fabricates everything from recycled materials here in the United States.

These polished brass and satin chairs from Koket make a strong statement.  Even though this setting feels traditional their style is contemporary.  Notice they one have three legs!

If formal is not your look Maison & Objets has something for everyone like the brightly colored pieces below by Fermob, the French ourdoor furniture manufacturer. These would be fun on a balcony, by a front door or in a bistro. Where would you like to see them?

Here is a different approach to an upholstered back chair.  Why not upholster the frame instead of covering it with a pillow?  In fact American Designer Barry Dixon has also incorporated that style into his collection.  What a lovely simple shape accentuated by covering it with fabric and outlining it with welt. Could you see this chair in white with black cording?

You may have remnants of fabrics left over after completing a decorating project.  Here is one way to put them to use.  Isn't this pair striking?

This dramatic couple outshines most with their bright gold finish. I felt like some of the designs were more art than a functional piece of furniture.  Don't you think these were meant to look at more than to take a seat?

What came first, the shelf or the bar stool?  Does this inspire you to look at an old chair with broken legs in a whole new way?

Have you ever seen a chair wearing toe shoes?  Well, now you have! 

What is so much fun about going to a show like Maison & Objets is we get to experience the talents of designers and artists from all over the world.  From the most elegant to the most unpretentious, each stood out in it's own way.  Every time I started down an isle I couldn't wait to see what popped out at me next.   

I hope you enjoyed this collection of The Chairs of Maison & Objets of the Americas.  Maybe it has inspired you to get creative, to upcycle something old or take your artistic talents to the next level.

As always I invite you to share your experiences and ideas in the comment box.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Decorating!

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