Friday, February 15, 2013

French Bistro Style Kitchens

Have you ever been to France and been charmed by the ambiance of a French Bistro?
I have often dreamed about that myself but having never been there, I certainly could create one in my own kitchen.  Why not?

What would it look like?  What elements of that style would I need to recreate that feeling?

The first thing I think about when looking at the outside is an awning.  Then I see colors like this rich gold and red.

  Or maybe blue?  I see little woven chairs and tiny round tables.

 Many have outside seating and are adorned with pots of flowers and herbs.

Color is strong on the inside too.  This saturated red is dramatic and fun.  Did you know that the color red also stimulates your appetite?  Red is a wonderful color for a dining room.

  Another design element might be a pretty tiled floor and dark woodwork.

Check out the Idea Book (website shown below) from  It is full of kitchens done in the French Bistro style.  What a fun project it would be to create one in my own home. 
 This stimulates my appetite for a new kitchen. What do you think?  How would you add touches of French Bistro style to your kitchen?

Oooo La La! and Bon Apetite!

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