Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting to know Jonathan Adler

I love the special events at DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas).  This week was Winter Market.  The keynote panel consisted of design entrepreneurs
 Jonathan AdlerEric Cohler and Laura Kirar.  The moderator, Joy Longhino of  Modern Luxury Media and Miami Magazine, created an interesting and lively dialogue with her engaging questions.

 I have recently become a fan of tastemaker Jonathan Adler so being able to spend a few hours getting to know him was  a special treat.

He began by saying he is just a potter at heart.  Some of you may recognize his iconic Muse vase above.  But now he has lines of furniture, bedding, lighting, tableware, art and fabrics which are shown in Kravet showrooms across the country.  There are 15 Jonathan Adler stores that are filled with bright  spirited home furnishings.

Jonathan has a colorful approach to design. His patterns can be bold, geometic and modern.  They have also been described as energetic and up beat.
What do you think?  I would call his style, happy.

Jonathan's creative process involves tuning out noise, distractions, people etc so he can go within and listen to his own heart.  He says he needs to think impractically.  His creativity is sparked by seeing something that is just a bit wrong or twisted or, as he called it, "mental".  That is what he is drawn to for inspiration.

How does Jonathan view social media?  He does understand the need to be accessible and to put ideas "out there" but feels it is a weird messed up model of being in the real world.  Sometimes people tend to get lost in the immediacy of it instead of connecting in a more genuine way.  All of the panelists were grateful that they had "20 or 30 somethings" who could handle it all for them.

Another interesting comment Jonathan made was why he thinks he became so successful as an entrepreneur.  Although he should have gone out of business several times he had no recourse but to try again because he described himself as basically unemployable!  I find that so interesting to hear him say that,  a true testament to picking yourself up and starting over to follow your passion.

His new book Jonathan Adler, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, is brimming with inspiration, stories, tips, great advice and insights.  You can find it on

What is his favorite client/project? His own house on Shelter Island is his delight.  What does he want most for his clients?  He wants them to be comfortable in their own home, just as he is in his.

Thanks Jonathan!  I loved getting to know him and can't wait to explore his website and showroom in Miami.   Can you see using punches of Jonathan's designs in your decorating? Do his furnishings inspire you to add new twists to your own home?
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  1. I love everything he does and he looks as happy as his designs!