Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating a focal point ....with Sunburst Mirrors

I am in the process of collecting sunburst mirrors for my new decorating project at home, a wall of sunburst mirrors.  My inspiration came from a wall I saw at Fig, a restaurant in Santa Monica. (See an earlier post.)   I see the finished result in my mind but it will be a work in process for a while and I don't want to have a wall incomplete so I have a plan.

Part of the fun of doing a project like this is The Hunt.  My idea is to scout local antique shops and consignment and thrift stores and begin collecting.  My criteria
l. I must love it.
2. It must be appropriate to my theme.
3. It would be nice if were under $100.

So far I am doing well.  I did actually buy 2 on line from Joss and Main and
 One Kings Lane, but I was able to stay in my price range.  I also found a great little mirror at a consignment shop and snagged it for $10!

Here is my dilema.  I have hung each of these in various rooms as a temporary home until I acquire enough to make my statement wall in my living room but my fear is that I will be so attached to seeing them in their current place that I will miss them terribly when I relocate them to the living room.  Oh dear!  Of course it did occur to me that I will then simply need to find more sunburst mirrors.  I guess there are worse problems to have, right?

Anyone have an idea of where to find a great sunburst mirror at a great price?

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