Saturday, March 17, 2012

Entertainment Center.......What to do with a new flat screen TV

This light wood unit is a modern translation of the old style wall unit. It still offers storage but also allows the flat screen to be mounted on a back panel and float in the center.

This is the older version of the unit above.  Although there is a large flatscreen the whole image still looks a little dated.
Today's wall unit is more like an entertainment center that houses a tv as well as audio equipment.  Gone is the big bulky cabinetry that had to contain big boxy TVs.  Today's televisions are sleek and flat and BIG!

Contemporary TV units like these really create a beautiful focal point.

Sometimes I find myself needing to help a client retro fit their old style wall unit to accommodate a new flat screen.  But in this case our client had purchased a 65" TV and wanted us to create a beautiful unit to surround it.  She loves columns and mirrors. She wanted a creamy color to blend with her other furnishings. 

This entertainment center is in the formal living room which also includes a dramatic ocean view.  This was a challenge but the result worked beautifully.

What kinds of challenges have you encountered with flat screen TVs?

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