Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunburst Mirrors Make Me Smile

Lately I have become drawn to sunburst mirrors.  I spot them all over.   Recently I saw a very dramatic way to use them in a group of 3 bright gold on a cobalt blue wall.  Wow what impact.

I walked around the corner in Big Daddy's Antiques and these mirrors really wowed me.
What an impact these mirrors make when used in a set of 3.  The wall color just make it even more dramatic.
Next I found a whole wall of sunburst mirrors at Fig, a restaurant in Santa Monica. 
This wall is just as dramatic but in a different way.  The height of the ceiling and the fact that the mirrors go all the way up is very eye catching.  I love the mix of so many different styles of sunburst mirrors.
When you have a collection, no matter if it is figurines or mirrors the best way to maximize the effect and make a statement is to group them all together.  If these mirrors were displayed on various walls throughout the restaurant I might not even have notcied them all. But this way you can't walk by without going...Wow! 

I am now inspired to create my own wall. I recently purchased one very pretty mirror on One Kings Lane.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I am looking forward to going on mirror hunts at my favorite consignment and antique shoppes.  When I have a few I will crate my own wall of sunbursts and then I can add to it over time.

One Kings Lane is a really great website not to mention a fun way to shop.  You have to act quick but it has so many different items you never see the same thing twice.  Prices are great too.

Here are just a few sunburst mirrors I found on Google Image.  I cannot pick a favorite.  So what does one do when you can't decide?  Create a collection and group them together of course.  Can you pick just one?

Sunburst mirrors can be contemporary or classic.  They work anywhere and in any style.  And they always make me smile.

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