Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Daddy's Antiques ....A repurposing haven

One of the most exciting things I saw at Big Daddy's Antiques were objects that were once something else in another life being repurposed...or recycled as a part of something new.  It was almost like an artist's studio the way they put together lighting fixtures, accessories, tables, doors and shelves.  I did not notice it at first but when I tried to figure out the original purpose of what I was seeing I began to figure out that it was a combination in very new and different ways.  Sometimes it was a different use for something old.  There was nothing subtle, however, about this wall of candle sconces.

The dramatic effect of this wall of candles was stunning.  Can't you see this on a wall of a patio or courtyard? What about on an old ugly fence or even by an entrance way? What a great way to repurpose old metal drawers.

Another great use for old drawers or boxes is to mount them on a wall in a similar fashion but to use them as curio shelves or to stack them as a wall display.  I can visualize the inside painted in different colors to create a work of art....really the possibilities are endless.  How would you repurpose these boxes?

At another showroom in LA called Mecox Garden I spotted a mirror that made me think of another idea for an old box or drawer.

Another repurposing opportunity,  in addition to chandeliers, to which I referred in my earlier post, is lamps.
There are countless ways to turn something into a lamp and it woudl be fun to explore that a bit more.  At Big Daddy's this is one thing that was very effective....a globe lamp.  Now that I think of it it is also very have a globe that you can hardly read and viola you turn on the lamp and you have the world right there! 

Let me ask you, is there anything that can't be turned into a lamp? 

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