Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lars Bolander book signing with Brooke and Steve Giannetti

Last week I had the good fortune to stop by the Lars Bolander Interior Design Studio on Antiques Row in West Palm Beach Florida to attend a book signing with Steve and Brooke Giannetti for their beautiful book Patina Style. I was eager for my friend and business partner, Ellie Ciamano, to meet Steve and Brooke. I have spoken often of the wonderful look of patina style and this was a great way to show it to her.

I wrote about the book and Patina Style in my last post just after I visited their Brentwood showroom, Giannetti Home. What a coincidence that the Giannetti's would be coming to my stomping grounds so soon!

The Lars Bolander Studio was fabulous. He is a world renown designer. There were so many interesting and inspiring furnishings. I particularly loved the butterfly paintings by his daughter, incredible bleached wood lounge chairs and the large decorative umbrellas that can be used inside or out....wish I had taken a photo!

For photos of Lars Bolander studio and incredible Palm Beach home please visit Brooke Giannetti's blog,

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