Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ikea Kitchen .....Step Two

My client, who is my Co - PM, Co-project manager, and I spent a few hours with an Ikea kitchen consultant at their local store. You can actually go to their website and design your kitchen yourself, if you dare. Luckily we had already spent time laying out a design plan so our time with the Ikea designer went well. Still it took several hours. But when we were done we had a plan and a print out of what the kitchen would look like from various angles as well as a list and a price!

Of course the price is for the unassembled cabinets only. Add to that installation and countertops and the inserts for the cabinets and drawers and hardware, and appliances.

Ikea has an installation company that also offers great services, like measuring, picking and more. Our next step was to meet with their consultant on site to measure. She was wonderful and so knowledgeable. We tweaked our design to fit with the measurements of what Ikea carries. Next, I returned to the store one more time to make the changes in the kitchen design on the computer with the in-store consultant.

We opted for the installation company's "picking" and valet service. Picking means they will meet you at the store and go through your list to make sure everything you need is "picked" from the warehouse and ready to deliver. Valet service means they will guide you through selecting the inserts for the drawers and cabinets. But it is really so much more. We had 2 people working with us to help the whole process go smoothly, and it did! The only snag was that our cooktop was out of stock, but since it is due in on Wednesday, we will pick it up and bring it with us.

We proceeded to checkout, paid for everything and went to set up delievery and that was that. Delivery is set for Monday morning! Installation will start on Wednesday and finish on Friday.

I will keep you posted.....pun intended!

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