Saturday, March 5, 2011

Decorating with pink - It's not always too feminine

I have seen alot of articles and feature stories lately about decorating with pink. Apparently it is one of the "new" colors. This of course tickles me....or tickles me pink because I love pink. Pink is a color that is calming but it more vibrant shade like fuscia it can be exciting and fun.

The feminine is mostly associated with pink. In fact last Christmas I was debating to buy my son a pink dress shirt and it was a real struggle. However pink is a flattering color to wear whether male or female. There was a poster in the men's department that showed a guy in a pink shirt and he looked very handsome. So I bought the shirt and my son actually does wear it!

I degressed a bit. When I was looking at some of the photos of rooms that were done in pink this one stood out. This masterbedroom does not look all prissy and pink at all. This design is understated elegance, simple, comfortable, inviting. I say it is neither masculine or femine. The elements of design are such that the room would have a universal appeal. Balancing the pink with a neutral taupe and muting the pink to a soft tone makes this room hard to resist.

So, for designers who are trying to please a client who is crazy for pink but is nervous that her husband would be horrified to have a pink bedroom, here is one way to solve the challenge. Real men do wear pink and sleep in pink rooms!

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