Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ikea Kitchen Project.....Delivery Day

Bottom line the delivery did get done on Monday but not as scheduled. Our project is located in a high rise so we had to reserve the elevator, which we did for 10 - 1. We had it written all over the delivery form but when they called to confirm, they said 10-2. I corrected them but on Monday the delivery actually did not occur until almost 3 pm. I have made friends with the condo office staff, who are very accommodating. We got the elevator reservation extended so in the end we were just fine....all 174 boxes plus all the appliances! We are ready for the big day.
Oh, and did I mention, the cell phone reception in the building is spotty which added a bit of drama to the situation. Everytime we would try to check on the delivery the service would cut out. Luckily the view from the condo is absolutely spectacular so we had that to take our mind off the delivery delay.
Wednesday the installation, or should I say the assembling begins. We are having some other issues to deal with like permits. So far it has just caused some indigestion and architect and permit fees but we are going with the flow. The contractor is wonderful and he is doing his best to get the kitchen ready for the installation.

Today I ordered some incredible fractured glass tile for the backsplash. It is going to be very elegant.

Stay tuned.

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