Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outdoor Living Spaces

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  "Summertime and the living is easy."

Why are we so attracted to  dining outdoors? Perhaps it reminds us of picnics at the park or in the backyard when we were kids.  It's a puzzlement to me, like why food tastes better when it is cooked outside!  Just another mystery of life, I guess.

  I am inspired to share some outdoor living spaces that evoke lazy days and relaxing with family and friends, places to rest and restore or cool off with a cool drink or curl up with a good book.

One of the first images that delights me  are those of outdoor dining rooms.  I love tables set in gardens or in greenhouses, like this one above. This table is set up right in the middle of a garden of raised beds.  It could not be more charming. 

This elegant but simple outdoor dining table is beautifully coordinated with the colors of the flowers and surrounding landscape.

Outdoor dining does not have to be elaborate, in fact the simpler and more impromptu, the better, like in the  image below.  Just pull up a few Adirondack chairs and enjoy!

Make the Most of a Small Space

One of the most fabulous settings for outdoor dining is in a greenhouse....should you be lucky enough to have one you might create a special place like one of these greenhouse dining rooms.

Greenhouse dining and casual elegance at it's best.  How inviting.I'm dreaming of a white... greenhouse!

This dining room is filled with the richest light.  I don't know where this is but I want to be there.  Do you know where this might be located?

Provence france, breathtaking.
A garden of lavender, how sweet the scent.....
Anyone can create an intimate garden dining room with just a couple of chairs and little table.                                     

 Bring them outdoors from your home or from the patio to the garden....don't have a garden full of lavendar?  Anywhere in your yard will do.
Where will you set up your own outdoor dining room? How will it look? Will it be large or small, formal or informal?  Who will you share it with?  What kind of food will you serve?  It is just lovely to think about isn't it?

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