Saturday, September 10, 2011

Window Treatments....Windows with a challenge


Architects have a way of designing homes with many styles and shapes of windows. Sometimes they use celestory windows (windows above windows or doors). Sometimes the windows echo the shape of the wall such as a bay window. Sometimes the size and shape of a window itself adds drama and interest such as a Palladian arched window. All this can create a challenge for interior designers. What the heck can we do to "dress" such windows?

Here is one solution for a tall Palladian window in a formal dining room that adds to the elegance and formality. First I hung the panels from the very top. We hung them from medallions but in order to hang them and not see the window in the dip between the medallions, I had an arched cornice made to blend with the wall behind and hung the medallions from the cornice. I trimmed the top with the same accent fabric we used in the living room and the same fringes. By tying the panels back higher up we allowed more view. If you want to minimize the light or view then tie panels back lower on the wall.

Finally for an elegant touch, puddle the panels on the floor. Of course that may not work so well in high traffic areas or with a family with kids and pets. One client said it was her cat's favorite place to take a nap!

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