Saturday, July 23, 2011

Window Treatments.....a team effort

As an interior designer I find that designing custom window treatments is both one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of my business. Design school does not teach much about the details of designing window treatment. I found seminars and conferences that focused on window treatment were invaluable as well as a good work room and installer. Creating a successful custom window treatment is a careful collaboration. Communication is key.

How do I begin? I use a combination of sketches and photos to help the client visualize how the treatment will look in her home on her windows. We select the fabrics that will compliment her room. Sometimes the type of fabric and price of the fabric can help decide what treatment to choose. For instance, heavier fabrics are better used for certain things like cornices. If price is a consideration, then I find ways to use smaller amounts of it in a creative way.

The next step is careful, very careful measuring. After that I work with closely with my workroom to figure yardage and pricing. Once the proposal is approved then I order the fabrics and trims, write the work orders. I make sure the fabrics are the same as the sample by getting cuttings for approval and attach them to the work order.
What could go wrong? Sometimes the fabric is discontinued, or out of stock. Sometimes it can take weeks. Sometimes it is the fringe that we must wait for and it can tie up production for a long time. Sometimes the fabrics arrive with flaws or get damaged. There can be errors in measuring or estimating the number of yards we need.

So, follow the saying, measure twice and cut once. Check and double check everything and make sure you, your client, your workroom and your installer are all on the same page. Then pray! I always get what I call stage fright before each installation, no matter how simple or how grande.


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