Saturday, June 13, 2015

What's new in lighting direct from Maison & Objets Americas !

Maison & Objets, the renown Interior Design Trade show made it's American debut last month.  It literally lit up Miami with the most innovative and creative lighting ideas.

There were charming lamps, fabulous sconces, and dazzling chandeliers.  Artisans created the most intriguing fixtures out of everyday materials.  Here is some of the lighting that still shines in my mind even weeks later.

Do you have an old radio, clock or vintage telephone gathering dust in the attic?  Add a retro fabric covered shade and turn them into a statement making lamp like these.

Delicate laser cut designs in leather became beautiful lamp shades for these lamps.

Years ago turned wood spindles were used to fashion book cases and tables.  Now an artist from Paris gives them  an updated look creating furniture, lamps and colorful sconces.

The silk hand made pleated shades made the light from these lamps glow.

Speaking about glowing, the new chandeliers by Allison Paladino for Fine Art Lamps were fabulous.  They looked like illuminated chunks of crystal.

 I missed meeting Allison ... it would have been so interesting to learn what inspired her to create this collection.  But I did meet the artist who fabricated this beautiful light.

This started out as a piece of parchment paper.....the artist showed us by unfolding one of the lights and it really was just one piece of paper.  Incredible!  It reminded me of the crepe paper flowers that were popular in the '70s.

Another artist fascinated us by demonstrating how a box of pieces of natural wood veneer could become a contemporary pendant fixture like these you see below.

A ribbon of brass becomes a beautiful wall sconce.

What do you think this one is made from? It reminds me of coral under the sea.

The image of this sconce looks like an agate taken from the earth. Can you tell which is the agate and which is the sconce?

Image result for agate slices

Some of the fixtures were like jewelry for your walls like this brilliant sconce.

Some of them were just mesmerizing.  Doesn't if almost look like it's on fire?

Can you spot the little hand blown glass humming bird perched inside this etched glass dome?  This chandelier was adorned with them on the end of each arm.  

They were stunning individually but as a large fixture the result was not as appealing.  Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing.

But this chandelier was spectacular.  The "crystals" hanging from these arms were made of bronze!  They were beautifully crafted.  Holding one in my hand made me realize how incredibly heavy an entire chandelier must be.  (Then I spotted the steel structure that was supporting it.)

A picture simply cannot not hold a candle to seeing it in person.

My eyes were dazzled and my thoughts were inspired by all there was to see.  I hope you found some inspiration along the way too.  Will you take a vintage treasure and turn it into a lamp?  Will you look at a piece of parchment paper in a new way?  Perhaps an old chandelier might be the beginning of something new.

As always I invite you to share your experiences and ideas in the comment box. Why don't you email me (at the address below) a photo of the most interesting light fixture you can find and I will share it on this blog.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Decorating!

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