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Interior Designers find whimsy and charm at Mackenzie-Childs

               Do you recognize this iconic style?  

All Ceramics
There is a little shop tucked away on world famous Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, Florida where Interior Designers find the most amazing furniture, accessories, tableware and more.   It's Mackenzie-Childs!  

Did you know every summer they have a barn sale?  What...a barn sale? 

 Yes, that's because Mackenzie-Childs is actually located on a 65 acre former dairy farm in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York. 

This year 21,000 bargain shoppers decended on the farm.  Some even camped out!

Lucky for me the Palm Beach shop is not far from me.  When I stopped in there recently I was delighted to see the most incredible hand made furniture, accessories and more.

All the products they create are crafted by talented and skilled artisans right there in the studio on the farm.
No two pieces are alike.

At first glance the abundant pattern and color can overwhelm your eyes but as I focused on one thing at a time I appreciated what attention to detail and design Mackenzie-Childs offers.

Pretty soon I could see certain patterns repeat themselves in a variety of ways.  Do you see a black and white checkerboard motif?  See it on the cocktail table above?  On the loveseat? On the rug?  Chairs?

How many ways do you think they might use this pretty gold polka dots on blue? (It's actually called Parchment Check.)  Here it is on a dining table base.

All Serving Dishes

Over the years their products and designs have expanded.  Their children's line is adorable.

Mackenzie-Childs on your patio or porch creates a festive and fabulous feeling.

Outdoor Furniture

        Or how about something more floral?

Flower Market Furniture

Greenhouse Furniture

If  I was decorating with Mackenzie-Childs I would use it as inspiration for my space or color scheme.  What fun it would be to build a whole room around one of their fabulous pieces.  What would you do?

I spotted a couple of rugs that would really cheer up my breakfast room.

I am also making a mental gift list for the holidays and special occasions.

Gifts for Kids & Baby

Gifts for Pets


Mackenzie-Childs style is just all over happy.  The charming designs and color combinations....not to mention how they love to combine patterns in the most delightful way is what has set them apart since they began in 1983.

How many different fabrics do you see on this striking chair?

This artful shelf makes me want to paint something!

Pressed Flowers Collection

                   The chandeliers are beautiful.  Why not add some fanciful Mackenzie-Childs shades and a tassel to your existing fixture just for fun?

                    Some love a roomful.

                         Others like just a touch.

What do you think?  Where would you like to see Mackenzie-Childs?  In your  living room, bedroom, childrens' rooms.....on your dining table, under your feet or over head? 

                  Add tile to your bath or kitchen backsplash.


                Change up draw pulls on a cupboard or chest.


                                  Or hang it in a tree.

Anywhere you see it, it will bring a smile to your face!

How do you like the Mackenzie-Childs style?  Does is make dizzy or make you smile?  Does it inspire you to paint something or start mixing patterns?  Have you ever used several complementary fabrics on a sofa or chair?  Do you like to mix china patterns and set a table with personal style?

Whether a little goes a long way or the more, the better, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment box below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Anyone want to go to a barn sale?

Happy Decorating!

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