Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Colorful Coastal Decorating in Delray Beach Florida

The other day I can across a wonderful home furnishings store in Delray Beach.  The funny thing is that I started my design career in the very same store only then it was called Van Sweden Interiors.  They were the only interior design firm between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Florida for many years.  After they retired in 1983 and sold the building, many businesses came and went.  It is now the home of the delightful  With locations in the Hamptons on Long Island, NY and North Palm Beach FL, the Delray Beach location  opened in 2003 and a new store is now open in West Palm Beach too.

Peeking in the front window I couldn't wait to go inside.

Excentricities :: About Us
Bold and bright!  (Photo courtesy of Excentricities website)

I could tell this was a fun place, so colorful and uplifting.

Blue and white is one of my favorite color schemes. It will never go out of style.

Contemporary patterns sat along side more traditional designs.

A pink chandelier made me smile.  Look at the unique wall art. What a fun idea.

I believe these dolphins are made from driftwood.  How beachy is that?

White on white, so elegant.

This electic group starts with a basic white sofa and layers an oriental rug over sisal.

The overscaled size of this fish design makes a striking statement.

Excentricities is not shy about color!

This is one of many very exciting rugs.
 It was fun for me to walk through the showroom. I remembered exactly where my desk sat in the front window.  The interior was totally different but I bet the Van Swedens would have loved it.  It just felt good.  Many of the main furniture pieces were white but the smaller pieces, art, rugs and accessories just exploded with color.  The feeling was distintively beachy, or we say "coastal".   It did not feel all that "excentric", but really comfortable and cheerful.

Excentricities Design Services
(Photo courtesy of Excentricities website.)   So inviting!

Next time I am working with a client who wants a fresh, interesting and fabulous coastal style I will keep this wonderful showroom in mind.

How do you feel about decorating with color? If you are timid about using color, try keeping your main pieces neutral, like beige, gray or white.  Add your color with art, rugs, pillows, lamps and accessories.  That way if you change your color preference you don't have to replace everything.  Just swap out a few things and you will have a totally different look.  "Easy peasy!"
Color can have a variety of effects on an interior.  There is a whole pyschology of color that would make an interesting blog post.

As always, I invite you to share your ideas, inspirations and decorating experiences in the comment box below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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                              Happy Decorating!


  1. Love all the color and patterns!

  2. Thanks Victoria, It was so much fun to go back in time. I remembered it all so well. This showroom is alive with color and beautiful things.

  3. I love this store! I drive by it all the time while I am out and about in Delray. They have so many cute things! I'll take one of each please! lol Glad you found it and you were able to reminisce. :)

  4. Thanks Abbey. It was such a fun place. Glad you like it too.