Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Planters Add Style to Your Garden, Patio or Balcony

Living in Florida our focus on outdoor living can be year round.  Creating a pleasing outdoor space is a fun project.  So, whether you have a large yard, property with winding pathways,  an expansive patio or simply a small courtyard or balcony, here are some planters that will add interest and style to any place you put them.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes.  They can add  enhance your decorating style just like accessories do on the interior of your home.

These charming pails with rope handles would look fabulous indoors or out.  To me they would  lend a Country French feeling anywhere you put them.  How would you like to see them,  on a front porch, balcony or patio?
Planters can be traditional or contemporary such as these that I found in a local shop called Spruce.
I like the way they have put a plant in the planter to help visualize how it will look.  This round boxwood is a fun modern look.
Use planters to line a walk or create a pathway if none exists.
Photo credit Restoration Hardware

These box style planters give the rustic feel of wood and iron.
Photo credit Restoration Hardware

Using the multiples of the same planter but in different heights like these urns on pedestals adds drama.
Photo credit Restoration Hardware

Elevating a plant or tree is a great way to make it look even more important.

Galvanized planters give a different soft time worn feeling to your garden and have become a popular material especially for outdoor decorating.
Photo credit for the above Restoration Hardware

Terracotta is a common material for planters but look at these made from  copper!  
Specially treated wood planters are great for "raised bed" gardening like this herb garden.

Don't have a lot of space? You can layer planters and create this dramatic look.

How pretty these terracotta planters look when elevated on wrought iron pedestals.
What a great idea to turn these watering cans into planters.

A large scallop shell becomes a fun place to tuck succulents.

Planters made from recycled materials are artistic as well as friendly to our environment.

Pedestal planters can be very striking and contemporary.
Planters are not just for sitting on the ground.  I love this shell inspired wall planter even without anything in it!

Wall pocket such as you see above  can be hung on the wall or on a trellis.

What a creative idea to make wall planters from old tires! This is a great way to add color and an artistic element to a boring outdoor wall.

This is just simply fun.  You can make a planter out of just about anything.
This layered and raised planter not only makes it easy to reach the herbs, but the it's perfect way to see your whole herb garden.
I love fruit trees planted in pots.  I am especially fond of this cobalt blue one. Adding plants to the base of the tree is called underplanting.  I love how the plant trails down the sides of the pot.
Here is another of my favorite styles of planters.
Have an old piece of furniture you no longer need? Turn it into a planter!
What about that old car you can't sell?
An old bed gives a new definition to "flower bed".
Flowers are not the only way to bring color to your garden or patio.

I love the effect of this lighted planter.  They come in many shapes as sizes.
I started this post because of a few planters I had come across but what I found in researching additional photos of planters is that they can be almost anything.  It was fun to see how creative people can be.  Do you have an idea for an unusual planter?  What style planters do you use on your patio or in your garden?  Did this post spark some ideas for your home?
 Thank you, Pinterest and fellow Pinerest members for providing many of the images I have used in this post.
As always I welcome  your comments and ideas in the comment box below.  I invite you to share photos of your own too.  You can email me at
Happy Decorating!


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