Sunday, February 10, 2013

Designing with color

Color is such and important element of design, but how and where it is used can be challenging.  Sometimes just a dash of color is all that is needed to add your personality to a room.

Look what I came across the other day at the Design NS Leather showroom.  It just jumped out at me and said  "look at me".  It actually made me smile.  It reminds me of a court jester both because of it's bold color and curl of the wings.

The color is fun and the overscale design is dramatic which make this chair  both playful and formal at the same time.  What a statement this pop of color would make in any space.

I can see four of these grouped around a cocktail table or a pair in a tall bay window.  They would look fabulous in the lounge area of a fashion designer's salon, too.  What if they were combined with bold black and white striped wallpaper or a black and white chevron patterened rug.  Wait, I see it in an all white room resting on a fluffy white Flokati  rug, surrounded by colorful artwork and a bouquet of brightly hued flowers.

 Where can you imagine this amazing chair? 

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