Saturday, November 10, 2012

More decorating with wallpaper

Here are a few spaces where I have used wallpaper for my design projects.

This paper has fibers that softly coat the paper giving a cloud like effect.  This room is going to be a retreat for our client to come  to meditate, read and relax.  This wallpaper creates just the perfect setting.

This elegant master bath is in an ocean front condo.  We wanted to give a nod to the beach without being obvious.  This wallpaper has stripes in a texture that not only has a feeling of waves but is also done in a grainy texture like sand.  The soft seaglass color is another tie in to the ocean just beyond the door.

I have posted this before but this gives me another opportunity  to show the drama of a wallpaper with a dark back ground.  This is a powderroom with no windows.  Does it make it dark? Yes, but because the rest of the room is white and we have lots of lighting that does not create a problem.  I love how the wallpaper highlights the orchid painted on the sink.  The bamboo waterfall faucet and custom Asian lattic vanity all work together beautifully. 
Not shown in this photo is the mini patterned wallpaper on the ceiling! Ceilings are the forgotten wall.  Wallpaper on ceiling is fabulous.  It think it might be another posting!

We wanted a little bit of an old world feeling in this tiny powder room so we chose this paper that looks just like a tapestry. It was amazing to see it in such a small space. It totally transformed the room.

This wallpaper inspired a whole bathroom.  We found glass vessel sinks painted with goldfish, bamboo accent tile,  green faux grasscloth wallpaper for the ceiling and much more.


The inspiration for this bathroom was the red bowl that has a leopard on it (which is not visible because of the reflection).  The wallpaper has a leopard stripe running through it surrounded by red flowers.  Again, a dark background and this time with a dark vanity but still it does not close the room in.  It is very dramatic.
How do you feel about using wallpaper with a dark background in a small space?

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