Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hip and Fresh Designs from Across the Pond

There is a new showroom at DCOTA called Andrew Martin. It is so exciting and fresh. Their designs are new and eclectic....but wait....I can also say some of their furnishings have a recycled or reclaimed feeling. I tried to get some background information on the company and was directed to which was great but only showcased the line of furniture, fabrics, accessories etc. It did not tell me much about the company itself. My efforts at research did find that the company has an international presence with stores in many countries. The Andrew Martin Interior Design Review is the interior design world's bible and the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Awards are like the Oscars of the interiors world. I did have a chance to see some incredible interiors designed by Andrew Martin designers and others that use their line for their projects. Many celebrities' homes are filled with Andrew Martin.

But what attracts me to the line is the total "new" feeling I get when I go into their showroom. There was a chair that was made from beaded fabric, walls in tin roofing, images of The Beatles, sofas covered in handwoven rugs, mixed with chrome and stainless steel and glass and reclaimed wood. Fabrics from prints to wovens to silks are also part of their line.

As designer I am always delighted to see something new in the world of design. But I can say not everything at Andrew Martin is new....or is it? Or is it the way they combine the old and new. It is very hard for me to put into words. You just gotta see it yourself.

You know it is not simply the specific pieces of furniture or accessories that give a room style, but the way they are used, combined with others or repurposed with a twist. That is what makes this line so ab fab......absolutely fabulous. Check them out! Let me know what you think.

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