Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Fashion Inspired Design

I had the pleasure of discovering a great new fashion item yesterday. Shoes! Of course shoes are not new but these are a new twist on an old shoe...the sandal. Check out These look like an ordinary sandal....but wait there's more! Created by an artist the devine decorations that accessorize these sandals are interchangeable. Snap them on and you have a totally new look.

Two things come to mind when I think of these fun fashion items. First the designs of the snap on doo dads are fabulous and could easily inspire the interior design of any room. There are turtles, starfish, bows, sailboats, flowers and bejeweled designs. A seaside cottage or hip garden room or elagant dining room could all be inspired by these beautiful shoe ornaments. The flowers could be enlarged and used as a pattern on pillows or rugs or on drapery hardware or as wall art. There is no end to it!

The next thing that I think about is why not make interchangeable decorating accessories. Of course you can always change out accessories or art but what about taking it a step further. Why not a removable skirt on a sofa or chair or changeable fringe on draperies or pillows. What about ...... You fill in the blank.

If you are old enough you may remember changing decor with the seasons, especially summer. White or floral slip covers on upholstery offered a welcome lighter look. We took down heavy drapes and left the sheers. We rolled up rugs and left the bare wood floors or put down sisal area rugs. You could take it a step further. Change the lampshades, change accessories, even artwork. I can see living in warmer climates a lighter cooler feeling interior would certainly be welcome in the dog days of summer.

But I am going to think about taking the idea of snap on ornamentation of Juno Shoe Girl a step pun intended.

What do you think?

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